About Lysa Roman

Lysa and her Friesian filly, Amora FX

"I've been connected with horses for over 38 years and I have a strong passion for these amazing animals. I hope to show some of that love through my art and photography. These beautiful animals simply captivate me. Everyone has their obsession, the horse is mine. The beauty, courage and loving nature of the horse is what captured my heart so many years ago. My favorite breeds are the Arabian and the Friesian. When I look into their eyes, it creates a feeling of pure inspiration and there is nothing else that compares to their beauty, heart and charisma."

~Lysa Roman


 Lazy R Ranch

Lysa & Kevin Roman 

Lysa and her husband Kevin run their own business, Digital Horizon Partners LLC, and live on a cozy little 2 acre property in North Phoenix called "Lazy R Ranch. "They own two beautiful Arabian mares a Friesian filly, 2 fainting goats, chickens and the best ranch dog this side of the Southwest!